Slab Dressing

Garde Timber offers a finishing service for our wide board timber slabs, as most bark to bark slabs are usually cut with mobile saw mills, leaving heavy corrugations on the faces. Our SlabMaster levelling machine is specially engineered to produce a flat and smooth surface, removing these corrugations, and any cupping and twisting. These can then be cut to length, width and to customers edge profile requirements.

Timber Cutting To Length / Docking

We offer a service of precision cutting and docking to length fo our feature timber products. Contact our sales team for further information

Timber Coating Service

At Garde Timber your finished timber slab can be coated in a range of hardwearing and durable coatings.

  • 2 pac polyurethane
  • Furniture lacquer
  • Sikkens external coatings
  • DGI country oil

Contact our sales team for more options.


We can deliver your timber products any where in Australia, whether it be one piece or a semi trailer load. Contact us for a quote today.


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Eco Credentials

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