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  • What are your prices for your Timber range?
    Contact us for a prompt quote on your specific requirements.

  • Are your Timber Slabs seasoned?
    At Garde Timber, we have seasoned slabs either air dried or Kiln Dried. Large volumes of Slabs are in strip air drying for approximately a two year period.Kiln drying may take 2-3 months for 50 mm thick stock. Turnover of dry stock is constant to keep up with demand.

  • What quantity and sizes of Slabs can we purchase from Garde Timber?
    We can supply a range of Slabs from one piece cut to your exact requirements to volume lots for wholesale enquiries. Most hardwood slabs are 50mm thick and widths from 400mm to 1000 mm with common lengths from 1.8m to 3.6m. Long lengths may be subject to availability at the time.

  • On taking delivery of my Slab, what care should be taken to seal the timber?

    The moisture content of timber will vary due to the movement of moisture into and out of the timber. Natural humidity (dry and wet), air conditioning, machines that dispel heat or moisture (eg. dishwashers, cooking appliances etc.) will effect the moisture content of timber. As moisture in the air increases it is absorbed by the timber and the timber will expand. The timber contracts as moisture in the air decreases. Good sealing is essential to prevent an abrupt and excessive moisture movement to and from the timber. Timber must be envelope sealed, ie: top, bottom, edges and ends. Pay particular attention to the inside of cutouts and especially the endgrain.

    Onsite Storage

    On receipt of your Slab tops it is essential that they are to be stored in a way that they are protected from the weather and areas that are subject to extreme changes in humidity. Store flat at least 200mm off the floor to allow air to circulate. Do not leave boards leaning against brick or concrete walls as excess moisture pick up is inevitable.It is essential that your slab is fully envelope sealed as soon as possible with at least two coats especially on the end grain.

  • Where do you source your Timber from?

    Our timber slabs come from either rural properties whereby logs have been felled through land clearing over the last 50 years, are salvaged and sawn, or from urban landclearing for new housing estates. This timber would normally be woodchipped.

    Our dimensional Timber stock, ie: Ironbark feature hardwood and our structural range, are sourced from south east queensland private sawmills .

  • Can I see Timber samples at your business?
    Yes, we have a range of samples both rough sawn and dressed for all our Timber products at 22 Gladstone Street, Moorooka, Brisbane. Please visit the contact us page for our opening hours.

  • Is Ironbark the best external feature timber for my pergola?
    Yes,we supply Red Ironbark cut green for decks, pergolas and all external applications. It is of the highest durability (class 1), therefore does not need to be treated and suitable for oiling for high appearance value. Our specialty is large feature posts in 150 x 150, 175 x 175 and 200 x 200 squares.

  • What are the best finishes to use on Slab bar tops or benches?

    Moisture curing Single & 2 pack polyurethanes

    These are varnishes that produce a clear, very hard wearing surface on the wood in a matt, satin or high gloss finish. They require very little maintenance but darken with age. These fishines do not soak into the timber but form a film on the surface.

    Water-based polyurethanes

    Produce a clear, hard wearing surface in a matt, satin or gloss finish. While more expensive, they produce less fumes during application and curing. They also require very little maintenance.

    Modified oil coatings

    Clear varnishes, these are generally made from a mixture of resin and oil. Easy to apply and penetrating, they give a softer appearance than the polyurethanes. They may require a surface polish in high-use areas but they can be easily recoated.


    Oils are penetrating finishes that are tolerate less wear-and-tear than modified oils or polyurethanes. They give a soft, natural appearance but require regular maintenance, especially on a floor.

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